The Latest Resident Evil Showcase Shows More Of The Village & More Anniversary Details

16 April, 2021 - 1:48 pm by
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Last night Capcom released another Resident Evil Showcase, giving us all a further look into the world of Resident Evil Village. There was very little in the way of new information about the game’s plot, but we did get a look at some new locations, details of a new demo and the information surrounding a returning fan-favourite mode.

Before we get into the announcements surrounding Resident Evil Village, we’re going to have a quick run through of everything else announced during last night’s showcase. Yes, we’re certainly channelling our Lady Dimitrescu by teasing you a little while before putting you out of your misery.

In celebration of the series’ 25th anniversary Capcom have announced a few interesting pieces of information. Firstly it was reconfirmed that the spin-off shooter, Re:Verse will be free for anyone who buys Resident Evil Village. There will be an crossover event with what is becoming the best showcase for all things horror, Dead By Daylight. The characters and locations that are involved will be revealed at a later date.

Capcom also took the opportunity to announce that the CGI series, Resident Evil Infinite Darkness will be streaming on Netflix in July. The game will feature series favourites Leon S Kennedy & Claire Redfield and picks up a few months after Resident Evil 4. Speaking of which, arguably one of the best entries into the series, Resi 4 will see another rerelease. This time it has been ported to the Oculus Quest 2. More information will be available when Oculus hosts their own showcase on 21st April. Hopefully we’ll have the perfect version of the game; high definition graphics with Wii style controls all wrapped up in a nice VR package.

OK, let’s move onto the Resident Evil Village announcements. There was a new story trailer which shows more of the village that the game is set in, some scary looking enemies, as well as a moody looking Chris Redfield. Oh and just in case you were wondering who the protagonist is, Ethan Winters’ name is said. A lot.

It might seem like Capcom have given a lot of story away, after 25 years of Resident Evil, we’re certain things aren’t this simple. It looks like the horror title is taking a twist towards vampires and werewolves but in a series that’s based itself in mutations and zombies for the last quarter of a century, it seems unlikely. It also seemed unlikely that Chris Redfield could punch a boulder so this could go either way.

7th May might seem like a little while away, but to tide us all over Capcom have also detailed information on some demos we can try out. On 2nd May, you’ll have access to a one hour demo that allows you to explore either The Village or The Castle settings. If you wanted to explore both, that’s also an option. The demo is only available for 24 hours so choose your areas carefully.

Before that, PlayStation 5 & PS4 players will have access to two additional demos. Starting 18th April at 18:00 BST you can play the village area for half an hour. This demo is only available of eight hours. The second demo will offer the castle area and start on 25th April at 18:00. Again you’ll have an eight hour window to play up to 30 minutes. This demo can be pre-loaded onto your console from the PlayStation Store right now.

The final nugget of information is that popular challenge mode Mercenaries is back and included with Resident Evil Village. This mode sees Ethan (and probably other series characters) race to complete missions set against the backdrop of the main game. There have been a few improvements this time, including the ability to upgrade and customise the weapons you’re most comfortable with.

Resident Evil Village will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One from 7th May.