The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 29 – 29/01/22 – 312 Days, 5 Hours, 8 Minutes and 3 Seconds to go…

31 January, 2022 - 12:38 am by
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Day 29 was an incredibly brief affair indeed – another very busy day in real life meant that I couldn’t spend much time with Monty again, but I was beginning to think that that might not have been a bad thing after all…

I rejoined Monty and found that he had polished off the book and was raring to go with the day… Curb that enthusiasm, big man – you might not be too keen on this next idea. I had been thinking overnight about the advice that the [Face in the Wall] gave me about overcoming the darkness; it sounded like I needed to make Monty even more lonely in order to make him invisible to the thing up there… I wonder if…

You’ll have read all the philosophy we have soon, Monty – at least I know what to get you for your birthday

But before I tried anything on that front, I needed to check out the dream that I missed yesterday! I asked Monty to head up to the [mushroom mines] and eat a couple of ‘shrooms – it only took a couple before he started feeling a little weird and fell into one of his dreams.

I was half relieved and half annoyed that the dream Monty showed me was one I’d seen before – it showed the troll child walking past a blocked up cave entrance and showed the tunnels and ladders below. A shame it hasn’t progressed any, but at least I didn’t miss anything new yesterday.

I felt like we were so close to the surface, but I now think we’re still a way off yet

Satisfied that I had seen the dream, I asked Monty to snag another purple fungus and head beyond the [tall ledge] and up near to [The Eyes in the Dark]. I figured that I might need to make Monty feel isolated in order to make him invisible to the thing, so I decided that I’d leave him there, alone in the darkness for a while and see what happened.

I felt pretty crappy having him eat the mushroom and leave himself entirely in the dark, mere metres away from god-knows-what, but it was the plan I was going to go with. I hope one night is enough to test this theory, else you might be on you own up here for a while, mate. Stay safe.

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