The Next Season Of Destiny 2 Announced Ahead Of Schedule

24 May, 2022 - 12:30 pm by
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Thanks to a slight oversight with PlayStation Japan, Bungie have revealed the next season of Destiny 2 ahead of their intended schedule of 16.00 GMT. The new season is due to kick off when the next weekly refresh takes place and at the time of writing, that’s around 12 hours from now.

Season of the Haunted, which runs from 25th May – 23 August (time zone dependant) will see players seeing the return of the Leviathan as the Witch Queen story rumbles on. Last season saw the reboot of the Void subclass and this continues as the new season will focus on Solar 3.0.

Along with the new subclass changes, players can become a Reaper and wield a scythe and Shiro-4’s Exotic Sidearm is brought back from the vault. This will be available to all players, but those who own the season pass will get instant access to it.

The official press release says to expect a healthy wealth of changes for those who buy the season pass, or those who aren’t so fussed about the extras:

Nightmare Containment (free for all players) – Evil resonates within the hull of the emperor’s wretched vessel. Summon the challenging Nightmares and cleanse them with fire.

Sever – Navigate the Leviathan’s labyrinthine Underbelly, uncover the truth behind Calus’s sinister plan, and sever the Nightmares he controls.

Solar 3.0 (free for all players) – Solar becomes the latest subclass to receive a complete redesign empowered by the ultra-customizable Aspects and Fragments system. Light the flames of creativity, discover new builds, and prove that there’s never a bad time to fight fire with fire.

Trespasser Exotic Sidearm (free for all players) – Returning from the original Destiny, wield Shiro-4’s Exotic Sidearm and let lightning flash across the tarnished gold of the Leviathan’s twisted halls. Season Pass holders can unlock this weapon instantly.

New Season Pass, gear, mods, updated Solstice event, and more!

Along with the new season, later this week Bungie will be releasing the first of two dungeons that were included in The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition. Anyone who owns that version of this year’s expansion will be able to play the new dungeon as well as the upcoming dungeon for Season 19.
For players who only want access to the two Year 5 dungeons, Bungie is also selling The Witch Queen Dungeon Key. This can be picked up in-game for 2,000 Silver. The secrets of the new dungeon are still tightly under wraps, but some of the rewards to look forward to include a new Legendary armour set, Legendary weapons, an Exotic weapon and catalyst, and a few more surprises to boot.

Destiny 2 is out now for PlayStation 5, PS4, PC, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One.