This week’s Nintendo downloadbles

12 March, 2012 - 10:53 pm by
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Although Nintendo might not like GAME anymore, they certainly like games and this week they’ve announced the latest titles to hit their online, downloadable stores and there’s a fair few titles. Again, it’s not just the 3DS owners who are getting games, but the good old Wii will need a dusting off as well.

The four games to be released this week are:

Metroid – 3DS – eShop – £4.50
See the return of this classic NES Sci-Fi action game. There are many discoveries to be made and use Samus’s Morph Ball ability to search every nook and cranny to uncover power-ups like the Ice Beam, Varia Suit and Screw Attack. Journey back to the planet Zebes and take out the Pirates’ leader, Mother Brain, and restore peace to the galaxy!

1st Class Poker & BlackJack – 3DS/DSi – eShop/DSi Shop – £4.50
All the fun of the casino in the palm of your hands. Enjoy the excitement of the casino with up to four of your friends by in the local multiplayer mode. You can even celebrate your victories – or commiserate your losses – with the aid of the integrated voice and text chat.

Battle of the Elements – 3DS/DSi – eShop, DSi Shop – £4.50
Save the planet in Battle of the Elements featuring an immersive story mode with 8 selectable characters across 40 mind-bending missions. You’ll need to think quickly as you move your stylus fast to secure victory. There’s also an endless marathon mode offering hours of great gameplay as you compete with yourself to achieve the highest score, and a two player VS mode to challenge your friends.

Strider – Wii – Virtual Console – 800 Wii Points
he Mega Drive classic is back! Immerse yourself in a variety of absorbing levels ranging from the Siberian Wilderness to the Grandmaster’s Lair, the Third Moon. Throughout the game you can improve you chances of success as you battle the Grandmaster by gaining the help of robotic allies, increasing your attack range and gaining extra lives by defeating enemies. But you must be quick because it’s game over once your time runs out!

In addition to this, the Nintendo Video app will have Shaun the Sheep 3D Clips, the second clip of Penalty! and a clip featuring Flying Steps, Germany’s most famous breakdancing group.