US Navy paying for hacking attempts on foreign consoles

9 April, 2012 - 9:41 pm by
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The United States Navy has confirmed that they are looking into methods in which to monitor and hack into used gaming consoles to find sensitive data that could harm US citizens.

The new project sees the Navy working with a California-based company, Obscure Technologies, to develop a system so they can monitor multiple platforms at once, specifically six new consoles currently available.

“This project involves furnishing video game systems, both new and used, and creating prototype rigs for capturing data from the video game systems,” said the Navy statement.

Their partner, Obscure Technologies, confirmed the exercise, saying that the contract has them doing an “R & D effort for the development and delivery of computer forensic tools for analyzing network traffic and stored data created during the use of video game systems.”

This technology will only be used on foreign nationals, as US law protects citizens from such monitoring.

Obscure is not necessarily used to this kind of work, as one of their leading researchers was responsible for “having previously reverse engineered the Microsoft Xbox.”