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VGamingNews Headlines – 24th March 2021

24 March, 2021 - 6:00 pm by
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Today we see a varied number of announcements. Ty The Tasmanian Tiger returns to consoles, THQ Nordic are aiming for the top of the league in management sims and visual novel Bustafellows is getting a lovely boxed version. On top of all of this, we have clowns and PUBG.

Here are the headlines for the day. If you see one you like, just click it to be taken straight to it:

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2 Bush Rescue HD set for 30th March

After another successful Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year, Krome Studios were able to complete work on their remaster of Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue and are ready to release the game on 30th March. The release of the PlayStation 2 era platformer will only be on the Nintendo Switch for now, with PS4 & Xbox One versions following later in the year.

Ty The Tasmanian Tiger 2 Bush Rescue originally released in 2004 at a time when 3D platform, collect-a-thon games were popular. The series stood out due to the Aussie humour sown throughout as well as tight controls. Ty 2 is arguably the best in the series with improvements over the original in every way, more levels, more weapons, and better visuals. We have fond memories playing this in the early 00s and we enjoyed the remaster of the first game when that launched last year.

We Are Football Set To Tackle Football Manager In June

THQ Nordic have announced We Are Football, a football management sim coming to Steam on 10th June. Coming from Winning Streak Games, We Are Football aims to speed up the process of managing a team, without the need of learning how to play the game. It’ll come packed with official data from most of the world’s leagues from both the male and female sides. Players will all be real players with their own skill trees that can be grown. You’ll also have control over the club’s finances, sponsors, HR, organisation, Fan Support, Club Members, Stock Market & Fan Funds. Needless to say, there’s a lot crammed into the game.

From the PR;

“In WE ARE FOOTBALL you won’t spend entire evenings understanding how everything works. It’s possible to polish off an entire season in little more than it takes to finish a real game of professional football: just two hours.”

Shots fired at other management sims it seems. If We Are Football can offer a sleeker and more accessible experience along with all of the data of other games, then it’ll undoubtably garner new fans interested in this side of the beautiful game.

Visual Novel BUSTAFELLOWS Gets Physical

Publisher PQube have announced that the visual novel BUSTAFELLOWS from the brilliantly named developers NIPPON CULTURAL BROADCASTING EXTEND INC will be getting a lovely physical release when it launches for Nintendo Switch and Steam in the summer. There will be a standard edition as  well as a lovely collector’s edition that features a soundtrack, art cards and a ‘New Sieg People Weekly’ Magazine.

In BUSTAFELLOWS you play as a young journalist looking to solve puzzles and navigate a mysterious underworld. As this is a visual novel, there’s also romancing options. This becomes complex as one, or all, of your prospective partners could be involved in criminal activities. When the game was originally released in Japan, it received critical success and we feel that this could be repeated when the game launches in the west later in the year. You can preorder the standard edition from Amazon and the collector’s edition can be found over at Funstock.

Ayo The Clown Goes In Search Of His Dog

Ayo The Clown is a cute 2½D-platformer in which Ayo breaks from the circus to search for his lost dog. Created by indie game studio Cloud M1, the game will see our hero clown running through colourful worlds and facing down big bosses in order to recover his faithful companion.

In a throwback to old school platformers like the Kirby and Yoshi games, you collect gems and use powerups such as helicopters and tanks. From the trailer, it seems like even though we’re not the biggest fans of clowns, Ayo The Clown might just change our minds with its charming style and giggle worthy humour. We can’t wait to see more when it launches for Nintendo Switch and PC in a few months.

Season 11 of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Kicks Off Next Week

PUBG keeps going from strength to strength and from 31st March (8th April for consoles), season 11 of the online shooter will start. In this season players are reintroduced to Paramo, the 3×3 map set in the highlands of South America that features terrain changes throughout its battleground.

There’s also a new transport tool added that allows squads to quickly move across the Battlegrounds to the next safe zone. With the Emergency Pickup item, a high-altitude Fulton Balloon is deployed and once inflated, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds to pick you up. Other changes to the rewards system have been made owing to the longer, two-month season.