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VGamingNews – Headlines 29th March 2021

29 March, 2021 - 6:00 pm by
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Mondays are always fun. CD Projekt Red have detailed their patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077 in just over 8000 words and there’s a 3DS game on the way. We’ve also got some new video game announcements and some updates over existing ones. Here we go!

Hear are today’s headlines from the world of video games:

Cyberpunk Patch Notes Released

CD Projekt Red have released the patch notes for the first of two vital fixes to their ambitious open worlder Cyberpunk 2077. The notes are 8000 words long. There’s too much to chose from so we’re not going to copy and paste the whole document, nor pick out the ‘best’ bits. We think the takeaway from this is that there’s a lot to be fixed and the team are working flat out to provide as glitch free game as possible. If you do want to read the what’s changing you can click this link here –

Andro Dunos 2 Releases For 3DS In September

That’s right, before you Robin Williams “What year is it.gif” us, it’s not a typo. A 3DS game will be launching in 2021 courtesy of French publishers Pixelheart. The game in question is Andro Dunos 2, a side-scrolling space shooter that is a sequel to the 1992 Japanese arcade game. As well as a 3DS release, there will be a Nintendo Switch and Dreamcast versions. We’re leading with the 3DS version because we can’t go through the hassle of setting up a category just for Sega’s last console… Can we?

Andro Dunos 2 is open for a limited number of pre-orders from the Pixel Heart store and will release in September.

7 Years From Now Jumps From Mobile To Console In May

On 28th May, the Nintendo Switch and Steam shops will release 7 Years From Now, a 3D pixel art story where you play as Haruto, a high school boy who has no recollection of his past. With the help from his friends, he has to solve mysteries and uncovering the town’s dark secrets. Not forgetting he’s also trying to find out what’s going on in his own mind.

Mafumi Yoshida, a one-man development machine released 7 Years From Now on mobile platforms in 2017 and has been downloaded around 6 million times as well as winning numerous awards. The Switch and Steam versions will include all previous DLC and reworked controls for console play and is published by PQube.

Wreckfest Comes To PS5 With A 4K/60FPS Upgrade

THQ Nordic can’t seem to go one day without an announcement and we’re all for it. This time we have a PlayStation 5 version of Wreckfest, the banger racing smash-a-thon. The PS5 version will of course include upgraded visuals to a native 4K as well as a well oiled 60 frames per second. There’s higher textures and shading as well as improvement on the dirt spattering. Lovely.

To complete the package, there will be vastly improved loading times and Dualsense heptics as well as 24 cars being in the race in multiplayer modes. Wreckfest will be available on the PlayStation 5 from 1st June both physically and digitally with a RRP of £34.99/€39.99/$39.99. If you own the PS4 version, you can upgrade for £9.99.

Enlisted Enters Open Beta In April

World War II shooter Enlisted is finally heading into Open Beta from 8th April across PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S & PC. Enlisted is a MMO in which players control infantry squads, tank crews or aircraft pilots that fight together in the epic battles that re-enact battles from World War II.

Battle for Moscow and Invasion of Normandy campaigns were introduced during the Closed Beta Test, which introduced dozens of air and ground military vehicles. The Open Beta brings more interesting historically accurate war machines to the game. Enlisted developers Gaijin Entertainment will gather feedback from the tests as well as adding more content to the game going forward. Looks like this is one battle that will not end soon.