VGamingNews Headlines 6th April 2021

6 April, 2021 - 6:00 pm by

We hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday and managed to make use of the extra days off to eat chocolate and play video games. If you had to work, we hope that you weren’t too rushed. As there has been a long weekend, the video game announcements are a little on the light side, but we do have a few new games that are worth keeping an eye on.

Diablo II Resurrected Gets PC Test This Week

Activision Blizzard recently announced they were bringing an enhanced version of Diablo II: Resurrected back to PC & Consoles this year. Well, from 15.00 this Friday (9th April) until Monday 12th April at 18.00, PC players will be able to take part in a Single-player Technical Alpha. Players will be able to taste the HD demon hunting as well as giving feedback on how the build of the game is coming along.

Three of the seven classes will be able and there will be no level caps as you play through the entirety of the first two Acts of the game, although as this is an Alpha test, it’s unlikely your progress will move to the full game when Diablo II: Resurrected launches later in the year.

New Game – The Lightbringer Announced For Steam & Nintendo Switch

Described as a puzzle-platformer, The Lightbringer is coming to Nintendo Switch and Steam in 2021. Zordix Publishing and developer Rock Square Thunder are teaming up to bring a heartfelt story of a man following the path travelled by his older sister in order to restore the world from an imposing tar like substance known as ‘the corruption’.

The Lightbringer looks like a charming indie title where you traverse compact levels looking to collect objects in order to progress. From the trailer it looks like there is still work to be done, however our initial impressions is that the game looks to be in a similar vein of Oceanhorn. That alone has our interest piqued. We’ll be keeping an eye on how The Lightbringer shapes up when it’s released later in the year.

Buildings Have Feelings Too! Arrives On PC and Consoles 22nd April

Originally announced in 2018, the quirky city-management-puzzle game Buildings Have Feelings Too! will be available on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One for £14.99 in just a few weeks. In a world where buildings walk and talk with eachother, you set about researching and developing towns and cities.

As with most building simulators, world events might cause you some trouble. Afterall businesses to go bankrupt and buildings can get damaged. Whats interesting about Buildings Have Feelings Too! is that you’re fully able to rebuild and refurbish buildings, but to make them truly happy could also involve grabbing it by the hand and moving it to a nicer part of the neighbourhood, after all the clue is in the name –Buildings Have Feelings Too!

FMV Thriller Erica Comes To Steam In May

Previously a PlayStation exclusive, the interactive movie thriller Erica is coming to PC players on 25th May. You watching/play as Erica, as she attempts to unravel her traumatic past surrounding the and the secrets that have plagued her since childhood. 

At around 90 minutes, Erica lasts as long as a cinematic release however, with numerous different paths to take and multiple endings, developers Flavourworks have ensured each playthrough is fresh as you discover the secrets of Delphi House. If you don’t already the PS4 or iOS versions, then it could be time to check out Erica for yourselves when it releases on 25th May.

Lost Words: Beyond The Page Launches Today

Lost Words: Beyond the Page is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. After previously being a Google Stadia exclusive. Written by Rhianna Pratchett, who’s responsible for incredible games such as Mirror’s Edge & the Tomb Raider Reboot, you play as Izzy as you journey through magical worlds set in her diary in a story about handling grief. We’ve featured the game previously and are really looking forward to experiencing this platformer!