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Wii to Retail for Under £100

7 May, 2011 - 12:02 pm by
About 1 mins to read

The videogame industry website, MCV UK have been talking to high street insiders about the Wii – with Nintendo announcing a price cut on the Wii just a few days ago there’s plenty of room to debate the new pricing structure for the best selling console.

However, with the news that the Wii will now retail for around £129, there’s news that many high street retailers will be selling the Wii for under £100! With news of Project Café just around the corner, this new pricing structure should help keep the Wii selling until it’s child is released next year.

“This is great news – customers are very price conscious in these tough times,” Grainger Games’ Phil Moore told MCV. “We’re sure this will energise the Wii.”

HMV’s Jonathan Hayes added: “This price drop is to be welcomed, not least as it should help to re-energise sales. It may well encourage new consumers into the market, especially with a range of £20 games.

With a cheaper Wii, potentially cheaper games, a new console around the corner and Zelda due out in the near future it looks like this year is going to be slightly better for Nintendo Wii owners than had previously expected.

Source: MCV UK