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Shadows of the Damned Trailer

28 May, 2011 by

A new trailer has emerged for EA’s up and coming horror game – Shadows of the Damned.  The trailer shows the different ways you can upgrade your Johnson. Yes, I did say that correctly. The trailer is one massive innuendo for upgrading the weapons in the game. Read On

Red Faction Armageddon Trailer

23 May, 2011 by

A new trailer for Red Faction Armageddon has surfaced from THQ. It identifies the main villain causing the third uprising on the Mars colony in three decades as Adam Hale. It appears he is holding a major grudge against the Mason family as his father’s death was caused by one Alec Mason. Read On

Red Faction Armageddon Demo Launches Next Week

26 April, 2011 by

Fans of the Red Faction series can start to get excited as THQ are launching a playable demo for the game on 3rd May. The game demo will be available on the Xbox Live Arcaded and provided the service is up and running the PlayStation Network. For the first time players will assume the role of Darius Mason and fight their way through Martian sewers and an oncoming alien infestation. Meanwhile, Darius must clear his name as the colonists have blamed him for unleashing the alien threat that has ravaged the underground cities of Mars.

Read On

Fireburst Information and Trailer

21 April, 2011 by

Fireburst lets players get behind the wheels of Buggies, Muscle Cars, Trucks & 4x4s and race on paved racecourses and insane off-road tracks. Using the Unreal Engine 3, racers keep opponents at bay in blazing fashion by blasting them senseless.

Features included are more than 15 different racing and destruction maps, consisting of airfields, docks, oilrigs, sewers, refineries, warehouses and waterfalls. 16 cars are available in the four different categories each boasts a different “Fireboost” ability: Fireball, Firewheels, Firewall and Fireblast. Read On