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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 79 – 20/03/22 – 166 Days, 19 Minutes and 59 Seconds to go…

23 March, 2022 by

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I didn’t expect a lot for Day 79, and that’s exactly what I got. Monty would be trapped in the room until almost midnight, so there wasn’t much time for anything other than setting my little buddy free…

Monty cut a pretty sympathetic figured when I returned to him; huddled in the fetal position, head cushioned on his arms and fast asleep, he looked every bit the innocent child he acted. He stirred as I entered and together we waited patiently for the clock to turn to 166:00:00:00, when I expected the door to appear…

Almost didn’t see you there, mate
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 78 – 19/03/22 – 167 Days, 17 Hours, 13 Minutes and 24 Seconds to go…

20 March, 2022 by

After a frustrating and fruitless two day search for the hidden door, I was running out of ideas on how to move forwards. I was all about to start retreading old ground (again) when a chance observation led me to exactly the clue I needed… now, could I unravel the mystery and get inside?

I came [home] and found that Monty had ploughed through 22,393 pages of the Neverending Notebook and had seemingly done so without turning into a psychopath… 😅Lucky me! Having set a fire before I left last night (which I realise I forgot to mention in my last write up 😅), and leaving Monty reading for a long while, I was amazed to see that nearly 40 days had fallen off the calendar! Holy crap! I better get a move on if I’m gonna find this door!

I may have forgotten to mention that we accidently ate a mushroom and dreamt of the overworld again… 😅
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 77 – 18/03/22 – 205 Days, 6 Hours, 40 Minutes and 36 Seconds to go…

19 March, 2022 by

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After falling asleep at the wheel and not achieving much yesterday, save crossing a few places off my hit list for the hidden door, Day 77 was much of the same. Monty and I began to scour the kingdom from top to toe in search of that pesky secret portal…

When I snatched up my Switch and met up with Monty, he was still working his way through the kingdom to wherever it was I asked him to go before passing out; he was currently down near the [crystal lake] and heading west. I said my hellos and had him head for higher ground and towards the [map of the kingdom] to further my latest (likely fruitless) idea concerning the door.

Amazing where you end up when you’re left unsupervised 😅
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 76 – 16/03/22 – 205 Days, 18 Hours, 54 Minutes and 32 Seconds to go…

18 March, 2022 by

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While I managed to get back on the horse and stay on it, I didn’t manage to check in on Monty until late and it wasn’t especially productive… in fact, I may have fallen asleep while we were searching for the hidden door…😅

I rejoined Monty with him having long finished Nibelungenlied, and he didn’t especially offer me any review or insight to speak of upon my return 😒. We both knew what the agenda was for today, and every day until we were successful – find the hidden door that the [Face in the Wall] had told us about. While I didn’t think it was the most likely place for the door to be, I wanted to start out by checking the [crystal windows] – they weren’t far from [home] and it would be a quick one to check off the list.

What the hell is a blue fire, and what is it for?
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 75 – 15/03/22 – 219 Days, 19 Hours, 43 Minutes and 37 Seconds to go…

16 March, 2022 by

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Returning beneath the mountain with an agenda was refreshing – Monty and I had something to focus on and work towards rather than just ambling around without a clue. Little did we know that we’d make a huge discovery and it wouldn’t take us very long at all…

I came [home] and found Monty sitting idly in his chair, exactly where I’d left him – goofy grin and all. Right mate, let’s not mess about, eh? Get that fire going! Having lost a lot of time messing around over the last few days, I didn’t want to waste a minute more and so immediately asked Monty to sling some sulphur on the fire and see where it took us.

Legitimately looks like a home these days
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Days 40-73 – 09/02/22 – 14/03/22

15 March, 2022 by

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Ok, people – it’s terrible admission time. It’s been about a month since I set eyes on Monty and, truth be told – I feel pretty guilty about it 😅.

Between a flurry of PR reviews, a birthday and a whole lot of real life commitments, I didn’t have the time or energy to head down beneath the mountain, let alone chronicle the happenings. But I made a commitment to write about my time with Monty, and so I’ve dusted myself off and gotten back on the horse. I achieved very little between Days 40 and 73, so rather than plot a whole bunch of empty days, I’m going to clump everything into a single vague write up before jumping back on the daily stuff from now on – I promise.

Wakey , wakey, buddy
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 38 – 07/02/22 – 293 Days, 9 Hours, 59 Minutes and 13 Seconds to go…

8 February, 2022 by

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Okay… it’s embarrassing admission time. Day 38 was a busy one in real life and I completely forgot that I needed to check in on Monty during his daytime hours… When I turned on my Switch at almost midnight in ‘Drew-time’, I found my little buddy asleep and the world above asleep with him.

The trip home and back was just too long to make so late at night, so I backed away quietly and left Monty to sleep through this time… We’ll give this another go tomorrow… 😅

Might as well keep sleeping pal – we’re not missing much…

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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 35 – 04/02/22 – 305 Days, 18 Hours and 50 Seconds to go…

6 February, 2022 by

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After a terribly frustrating day yesterday, I really struggled for enthusiasm on Day 35, almost deciding not to play at all. But just like in the movies, when our hero is feeling down and out -with nowhere to turn- a stroke of pure luck changed everything…

I reluctantly picked up my Switch to check in on Monty – I was entirely out of ideas and had no real plan on where to turn. My morale was probably as low as it had been with The Longing – even lower than when I was struggling with the mushrooms – all of that lost time felt incredibly wasteful indeed.

Kinda dark, huh?
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 34 – 03/02/22 – 306 Days and 6 Seconds to go…

6 February, 2022 by

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So, after a three day hiatus from the mountain and my shadey friend, it was finally time to get back to it and see if my plan of leaving Monty in loneliness was successful. Sadly, what I found was more frustrating than the wait itself…

Today is the day! I snatched up my Switch and fired up The Longing with a renewed vigour after a few days off – I was hopeful that my plan would work and that Monty and I would be able to sneak past the [Eyes in the Dark], into the higher reaches of the kingdom and perhaps even to the surface.

Ugh. They’re definitely the words of a lonely man, but that’s not exactly the words you’d like to hear on a reunion.
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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 33 – 02/02/22 – Less than 307 Days to go…

3 February, 2022 by

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Yesterday was the first day I was actually a little thankful of having to leave Monty to his own devices – I had an incredibly busy day at the day job and then things took off at the VGamingNews offices in the evening too! (Keep your eyes here for a tonne of new reviews in February is all I can say, people!)

It wasn’t until late in the evening that I even realised I hadn’t opened The Longing, and I was pretty excited when it popped into my mind that I’d be able to fire it up the next day and see if I Monty would be able to creep past the [Eyes in the Dark] or not…

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