The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 18 – 18/01/22 – 351 Days, 16 Hours, 26 Minutes and 19 Seconds to go…

19 January, 2022 - 10:02 pm by
About 3 mins to read

After a rather uneventful Day 17, I sadly didn’t have much time to make Day 18 particularly fruitful either, though I did have an interesting thought that I put into motion. I had only the briefest of times to spend with Monty yesterday, so rather than try to cram anything especially exciting in, I used the time to get around the kingdom a little bit and lay a few foundations.

Quite the sombre scene

Monty awoke on the cave floor just outside the [Halls of Eternity]. A shaft of light streamed from that everlasting place, and there was something poignant about the way that Monty was curled up just inches away from the bright white illumination. So close to having the light on your face, but you can’t quite reach it… It seemed to sum up Monty’s thoughts about life beneath the mountain in a single moment. 😢

Now up and about, I asked Monty to walk up to the [mushroom caves]. I wanted to check whether the green ‘shroom I planted had grown into another massive ‘abomination’, as well as give something a try… 🤔

It’s a long walk up to the [mushroom caves] from the [Halls of Eternity] and almost all of my allotted play time was used up watching Monty shuffle his ways through various tunnels and doorways as he meandered through the kingdom. Arriving at last, I ushered him into the cave where the ceiling was lined with huge mushrooms. I eagerly watched the scrolling edge of the screen in the hopes of seeing the big mushroom I hoped for, but instead it was just a standard-sized green fungus. Damn… what makes them grow larger, I wonder? Never mind, I still had a plan.

I bid Monty collect a green mushroom and then wandered with him to the uppermost level of the mines, beyond the wall that we collapsed a days ago. We walked as far as we could and then the tall overhang came into view; the one blocking our progress… Ok buddy, you just walk right up to that wall and… I was pleased to see the ‘Grow Mushroom’ prompt pop up, and so I asked Monty to bury the little fungus right there in the crook where the wall met the ground. It was my hope that a large mushroom might spring up and offer a step for Monty to clamber up in the coming days.

Fingers crossed this works 🤞🏻

Almost time for time to finish already, I thought I’d send Monty down to the [sulphur mine]; it wasn’t too far from here and would allow us to gather a stock of the stinky stuff quickly once I restarted tomorrow. I kept my eyes peeled for more scattered wood as Monty weaved through the bleak tunnels but there was nothing to be found. 😒 Once we arrived I asked that Monty start digging as I turned off my Switch – tomorrow we’d start stockpiling.

Sounds like my room 🤢

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