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The Longing-ist Playthrough: Day 19 – 19/01/22 – 351 Days, 15 Hours, 46 Minutes and 20 Seconds to go…

20 January, 2022 - 11:35 pm by
About 4 mins to read

My time beneath the mountain was limited to a short stint on my lunch break on Day 19, so I was reluctant to do anything that I might get to enthralled in. I wasn’t looking to push anything along because it would be just my luck that something interesting would happen and I’d be stuck at work unable to play any more! Instead I decided to stock the cupboards a little and wander to check a few things out – it was brief but useful.

Well, pick it up then… it won’t bite

I found Monty just where I left him, in the [sulphur mines] – mattock in hand and eager to get cracking. Or something like that. He’d already hacked out one piece of the yellow stone but we hung around down there long enough to collect another six pieces, which brought our grand total to 12. We then moved next door to the [coal mines], as I realised that we hadn’t restocked any fuel since we handed over a tonne of the stuff to The Face for another befuddling answer.

After bashing away at the wall for a good few minutes without any word from Monty about how he was doing, I had second thoughts about collecting the coal and decided to change plans. I know I don’t really want to push the envelope but I equally don’t want to just watch you dig for half an hour either! We abandoned the mines and headed up to the [tall overhang] where we had planted the green mushroom yesterday. I was almost certain that one day wouldn’t be enough for a huge ‘shroom to spring up, but I didn’t have many other places that we could walk to in time, so figured we might as well take a look.

Monty clambered through the web-filled caverns and eventually reached the smashed wall and on to the overhang, but as expected, there was only a garden-variety green fungus there to meet us when we arrived. I saw that there were a few purple mushrooms growing nearby and I suddenly had an overwhelming urge to have Monty eat one…

I have enough time to watch a dream if he hallucinates again…

Maybe if I give it a little light, it’ll grow quicker? 😬

My willpower faltered and went for it. I gave Monty the nod and he plucked a pink ‘shroom from the ground and put it straight into his mouth. Just a moment later his eyes grew wide and the tumbled to the floor… It’s happening again!

I watched on at Monty’s hallucination as the sound of the office disappeared, but instead of witnessing another mysterious scene that left me questioning Monty’s entire existence, I instead got a second look (or rather, first actual look), at the dream I had missed last time. I again saw the blind man carrying a bucket of water through the forest, seemingly unaware of the tunnels delving deep into the earth below him. Probably for the best it wasn’t something new – I’ve got to get back to work.

The stark contrast reminded me of Monty sleeping outside the Halls yesterday

Thinking that it might be fun to start tomorrow in a new location, I hit the ‘walk to random place’ button and turned off my Switch… Who knows where you’ll be next time, buddy – stay safe down there.

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