Forever Skies Gets A Major Content Update

16 October, 2023 - 6:00 pm by
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An update to the first-person survival game Forever Skies has gone live. The PC title entered Early Access on Steam back in June, however the development team at Far From Home have been busy cooking up a large content update based on player feedback.

Forever Skies centres around scientists on a one-way mission to a hostile, ecologically ruined Earth. They are looking for a cure to a viral infection that has hit the last remnants of humanity who fled into orbit.¬†Players set about scavenging resources to survive as well as facing dangers while they hunt for viral pathogens to cure a mysterious illness. An early access version of the game released in June 2023 and has picked up over 2,000 positive reviews so far. It’s no wonder that Far From Home have been working on the Viral Evolution Update, which has begun rolling out to players.

The new update focuses on expanding gameplay around researching and dealing with viral threats that have evolved on Earth. New story missions and areas like the Infected Greenhouse have been added, along with new creatures that look to stop progress. These additions have been coupled with a Quality-of-life patch that addresses bugs and makes tweaks to the gameplay mechanics.

New materials can be found on the ruined planet and be used for crafting. Medical supplies have also been adjusted so that folks can discover new medical boosters and enhanced viral cures for the colony.

We think that this new update is a welcome addition to the ever-growing Forever Skies. It’s always welcome when a developer actively asks players what they want to see as the game evolves and this new content is testament that Far From Home want to make Forever Skies the best game they can. We’ve included the changes from the Viral Evolution Update below:

  • New Poisonous Creatures 
  • 4 Advanced Viruses
  • New Crafting Materials
  • Enhanced Viral Cures
  • New Story Missions
  • New Location: Infected Greenhouse Tower
  • New Medical Boosters
  • Medication Station Device
  • Immunity System Overhaul
  • Multiple Gameplay Balances
  • Additional bugfixes and QOL changes

Forever Skies is available in Early Access on Steam now.

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