Resistance: Burning Skies Survival Mode Revealed

23 April, 2012 - 4:59 pm by

Today, the European PlayStation Blog posted details of Resistance: Burning Skies Survival Mode, available only on PlayStation Vita.

The title will have three modes; DeathMatch and Team DeathMatch that have already been revealed last week, lastly revealed, there will be a Survival Mode, described as ”an intense power struggle between humans and the gruesome Chimera.”

The blog reads;

”Survival mode pits the players against each other in a race to the finish where only the strong survive. Here’s how it works: in a battle of humans vs. Chimera, six players start as humans and two as Chimera. As the Chimera players make a kils, their human victims are resurrected as Chimera so the balance slowly shifts. As the battle continues, the winner is the human player who lasts the longest in a match. We keep a timer running as you play so you can track your progress.”

In doing this, Sony have offered a unique edge to Resistance but keeping with the theme of humanity’s struggle against the odds.

The Blog continues;

”We wanted the game to start relatively simple for the humans and then become increasingly harder over time, much like the way the Chimera invaded Asia, then Europe and then America in a flood. Previous Resistance games have had modes similar to this, but Survival is our own special twist to create a new mode that focuses on the balance of power changes. Sure, the humans initially have the upper hand, but as they fall, they fuel the other team. We’ve had several matches in the office that have spectators cheering on the lone surviving human. Everyone knows it’s just a matter of time, but finding that last person is a total adrenaline rush!”

Resistance: Burning Skies will be available to pre-order soon and at participating retailers players will receive a special bonus. This will give players a boost to level five in the multiplayer to begin with, enough to enable the first grenade. There will also be available three new characters; Riley, Ellie and a Chimera with a PS Vita lock screen.