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Indie Smash Axiom Verge Gets First Free DLC After Almost 6 Years

Axiom Verge, the 2D explorer that took the indie scene by storm back in 2015 has had its first bit of downloadable content is now in Beta for the PC versions of the game, and it’s free! We might be waiting for the follow-up but this new mode seems to be an excuse to jump back in.

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The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD remake heading for Wii U

WiiU_ZeldaWindWaker_Scrn09 Nintendo have confirmed that not only a new Zelda title is underway for the WiiU, gamers will have something older to fill the void. A HD remake of The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker to be exact. The GameCube classic will release for the WiiU in Autumn. This will be more than a simple make over, Wind Waker will make use of the Gamepad in a number of ways – so far confirmed is off TV play.

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Capcom finally confirm the console version of Resident Evil Revelations

Jill_Porthole_Artwork Capcom have long dodged the subject of a HD version of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS despite numerous leaks and even an achievement list appearing online. They have finally caved and announced a console version will be coming in May.

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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate given a release date

TANK3_WiiU TitleSheet Capcom announced that Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate will be simultaneously releasing on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS from 22nd March by either physical or digital copies for either game. A free playable demo on both systems will be available on 21st February.

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The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct confirmed for Wii U

1864The Walking Dead_logo_FLT Activision have today confirmed that the up and coming first person shooter based on the hit FX show of the same name will indeed be playable on Nintendo’s Wii U console. The game launching in March on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 is a prequel to the TV show and playing as Daryl Dixon with his brother Merle it is a battle for survival against the Walkers.

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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes confirmed

Gamestage_MarvelSuperHeroes_950x300main LEGO games have been going from strength to strength since LEGO Star Wars back in 2005. Recently we have been treated to Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings being lovingly recreated using the popular child’s toy. DC Comics have also had success with Batman and friends in last year’s LEGO Batman 2 DC Heroes. They have attracted so much attention that Disney thought it was time to weigh in and today, Marvel along with the LEGO group and TT Games announce LEGO Marvel Super Heroes for all formats.

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Wii U Sales “Steady”

Wii U Bundles According to Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata, the Wii U has had a steady start and they won’t be revising their sales targets for the new home console anytime soon. In a recent interview, Iwata also admitted that the launch of the company’s first HD console failed to match the unprecedented launch of the Wii, but still aims to have 5.5 million consoles in homes around the world by the end of March.

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Rayman Legends will miss Wii U Launch

Ubisoft today have announced that the limbless wonder that is Rayman will miss the 30th November launch date for the Wii U. It instead will be released at the rather vague date of “first quarter 2013.” While this is bad news for day one buyers, the game will still appear in Nintendo’s “Launch Window” which means any point up to the end of March 2013.

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Prepare yourselves – CoD is bringing back the Zombies

Activision has released a teaser trailer for Call of Duty Black Ops 2 showing that the zombies are returning to the game. A full reveal is expected in just a few short days as Activision look to build on the Call of Duty momentum as we edge ever closer to the November release. Head inside for the new trailer.

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New ZombiU information

In Nintendo’s Direct conference, more details came out surrounding Ubisoft’s Zombie-em-up, ZombiU. Set in a London that has been ravaged with a Zombie outbreak gamers play a group of survivors on a mission to get out of the city and survive. Details of game modes have emerged, and it looks and sounds painful no matter which way you look at things.

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