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SaGa Frontier Coming to PS4, Switch, PC and Mobile Next Summer

Square Enix are going all out in celebrating the 30th anniversary of their underrated SaGa series. They’ve announced a HD Remaster of the original PlayStation classic and it has all-new features, scenes that were originally cut, and a new character.

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Angry Birds and Star Wars meet

Angry Birds developer Rovio and George Lucas have teamed up to present a new Android/iOS game plus a range of new toys based on the Star Wars series. A teaser trailer was released on the official Angry Birds Tumblr page. The range will launch on 9th November and will include existing characters such as the Red bird as Luke Skywalker and the Yellow Bird as Han Solo.

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The iPhone 5 is here

Apple have announced the latest iPhone after nearly a year and a half of teasing us. It’s slimmer, taller, lighter and faster than the 4S. It has things such as 4G that will work in the UK thanks to EE (the resultant name for the T-Mobile and Orange merger). NFC will not feature but gaming will be a big push for the handset…

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Rat Assassin now available on iPad

The Dishonored spin off iPod and iPhone game, Rat Assassin is finally available throughout all of the iOS devices as it has launched on the iPad. Better yet, it is compatible with all three generations of Apple’s tablet. The game is a separate game to the main game that is designed for gamers to familiarise themselves with the skills that will be on offer when Dishonored launches on the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 later this year.

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Sonic CD released Today

SEGA have released Sonic CD today on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and the iOS platform. Sonic CD is the 1992 follow up created especially for the Mega CD add on for the Mega Drive. The game is one of the most iconic games in the Sonic series and introduces us to Metal Sonic for the first time. However this isn’t just a re-release. Japanese and American soundtracks have been included and for the first time, Tails is a playable character. Read On »

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O2 To Trail 4G

O2 has started a trail in London for it’s LTE service more commanly known as 4G. The trail will be available for the greater parts of London such as Oxford Circus, Canary Wharf and of course – the O2 areana. It will offer mobile broadband speeds of up to 50MB per second and have the potential to go 3 times quicker. Read On »

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GTA III 10 Year Anniversary

This year marks 10th years since Grand Theft Auto III was released on the PlayStation 3 and changed everything. Aside from being critically successful, well received – becoming the best selling game in 2001, it was slammed in the media for it’s portrail of gang culture and life as a criminal. Not that Rockstar took any notice. Read On »

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Charity Indie Games For 69p

People with have iPods, iPads or iPhones can pick up a bundle of five games for the bargain price of 69p. Games included are Fire Maple’s The Secret of Grisly Manor, GuGu’s Chicken Quest, Fu’s Robot 99, Base 2’s Walkabout and Crawl Space’s Float. Entitled the Corona bundle, 17% of the sale value will go to charity. Read On »

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iPhone 4S Announced – Samsung Sue!

Apple yesterday announced the iPhone 4S. For some this was expected, others wanted something revolutionary. What this means for the gaming industry though is that through an improved processing unit featuring a duel core CPU and A5 processor (really powerful for a phone), games will be able to be larger, use more memory and be graphically better looking. Read On »

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Sonic CD Video

SEGA have formally released a video for the classic Sonic CD. Aimed at newcomers to the series, it proudly states “see how it all to began.” Dr Robotnik is determined to rule the world and has stolen the Time Stones from the Little Planet. It is up to our blue hero to save the day! Read On »

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