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LEGO Star Wars Battles Launches Today On Apple Arcade

24 September, 2021 by

While we eagerly await the release of Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga next year, Warner Bros Games, TTGames Brighton & Lego have released LEGO Star Wars Battles on Apple Arcade. While we fully understand that mobile games aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, because LEGO Star Wars Battles is releasing on Apple Arcade, it’s worth noting there are no micro-transactions or adverts to put up with so what’s the harm in giving this RTS game a go, provided you have an Apple Arcade subscription that is…

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Gamescom 2021 Indie Booth Presents: Inked

24 August, 2021 by

After originally launching on PC in 2018, and with mobile versions releasing earlier in the year, it is finally time for the consoles to get some love when Inked is set free on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & Xbox One in just three days (that’s 27th August). If you think the hero image looks good, wait till you see it in motion.

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Gamescom 2021 Indie Booth Presents: Onde

24 August, 2021 by

Onde is a beautiful looking puzzle platformer from French developers Lance & developers 3-50, both located in the south of France. The game has you riding waves through an ethereal world all set to a relaxing techno soundtrack an is set for a release in 2022 across iOS, PC & Nintendo Switch.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Sells Through 12 Million Copies

27 July, 2021 by

As development to Mortal Kombat 11 comes to an end and the attention turns to the future of the series, NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros Games have announced that the latest entry in the near-30 year old saga has reached a staggering 12 Million copies sold. This includes both digital and physical copies sold since the game’s release in 2019.

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Final Fantasy I, II & III Pixel Remasters Secure July Release

1 July, 2021 by

When Square Enix announced at E3 that they are working on HD remasters of the first six Final Fantasy games, there was a short lived celebration as the Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster collection was revealed to be coming to mobile systems and Steam. Today they’ve announced that the first three titles in the series will be releasing at the end of the month.

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VGamingNews Headlines 6th April 2021

6 April, 2021 by

We hope everyone had a lovely Easter holiday and managed to make use of the extra days off to eat chocolate and play video games. If you had to work, we hope that you weren’t too rushed. As there has been a long weekend, the video game announcements are a little on the light side, but we do have a few new games that are worth keeping an eye on.

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VGamingNews – Headlines 29th March 2021

29 March, 2021 by

Mondays are always fun. CD Projekt Red have detailed their patch notes for Cyberpunk 2077 in just over 8000 words and there’s a 3DS game on the way. We’ve also got some new video game announcements and some updates over existing ones. Here we go!

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VGamingNews Headlines – 25th March 2021

25 March, 2021 by

It’s already Thursday and there’s a lot to get through today. There’s announcements from Sega, THQ Nordic and Square Enix. Of course we’ve also peppered the news with indie titles we think are shaping up nicely. We’ve got every platform covered and so many different genres, there is something for everyone. So let’s take a look at what’s happening in the world of video games today.

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VGamingNews Headlines – 24th March 2021

24 March, 2021 by

Today we see a varied number of announcements. Ty The Tasmanian Tiger returns to consoles, THQ Nordic are aiming for the top of the league in management sims and visual novel Bustafellows is getting a lovely boxed version. On top of all of this, we have clowns and PUBG.

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VGamingNews Headlines 23rd March 2021

23 March, 2021 by

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Today we’ve seen the comeback of a dormant Nintendo franchise, a new studio from THQ as well as a few release dates of games that we think you should keep an eye on. Let’s have a look at the news headlines from the world of video games.

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